Why you need a signature beauty look

What do Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and Kelly Ripa have in common? Even though all three ladies have gained immense success in their respective fields – they have also been building their brands with signature beauty looks.  Here’s a few reasons as to why you need to consider creating your signature beauty look!


Kylie’s blue hair – or ever changing hair color


Taylor’s bold lip


Kelly’s signature bob

1. It’s a form of personal branding | In the business world {and in life} you have to be your own PR ambassador.  Meaning, creating your signature beauty look is a way to establish your sense of identity.  It communicates to the world, your co-workers, superiors and clients that you are secure in yourself and your image.

2. It says you are trustworthy | Consistency is key.  If you walk in to work on Monday wearing a soft nude lip and then, arrive on Tuesday wearing electric blue eye shadow you could be sending the wrong message. Keep it simple {or not}, but whatever you do, stick with it.  It may sound crazy but in the business world perception is reality.  So, the way others perceive you and your image is very important.

3. It gives you that little extra something | Developing and tweaking your signature look not only shows that you are comfortable in your own skin, but it also creates a way for people to remember you.

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